'Land of Greed' - new music video, MIss Emily

A diverse group of people are gathered at 'Artaud’s Cafe', a venue for inspiration, self-indulgence, companionship, longing, love and fame.  The concept for the video was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s Le Café de nuit & René Magritte's  La trahison des images.  ‘Land of Greed’’ was shot at ‘The Grad Club’ in Kingston, Ontario. 

Thank you Emily, Deb, Rob R, Ben, ‘El Bigoton’, ‘El Tinieblas’, Christian, Rosalind, Bruce, Bree, Mac, Jude, Burgandy, Jordan, Shelby, Dan, Virg, Homer, Michael, Sarah, Blair, Scott, John, Will, Billy Ray, Erin, Gord, Jay, Adam, Fernando, Yabu, Aaron, Andew, Chris, and Al.  And special thanks to Nadia!

'In A World Possessed By The Human Mind' wins 'Best Rock/Alternative Video' at 2017 MMVA's!

Thank you Rob, Gord, Paul, Johnny & Gord for continuing to inspire!  And what an awesome group of people to get to work with!  Andrew Mandziuk’s stunning colour treatment; Aaron Holmberg’s golden ears; Liz Sullivan’s art & soul; Billy Ray’s hospitality and Roberto’s original clown theme music; all were essential to make ‘In A World Possessed By The Human Mind’ come to life.  A special thank you to my friend and mentor, the great Portuguese filmmaker Fernando Monte.  To get to shoot the video under his watchful eye in his basement café was truly special!

In the days after Gord received news about his health, we spoke a few times.  He told me he found it therapeutic to stay creative, so we began chatting about the video.  I've always enjoyed Gord's lyrics and and writings - for me, he is one of the great Canadian poets - so making a lyric video for the album's single was particularly appealing.  He liked the idea of the main character being himself at that precise moment in his life, and thought his brother Patrick would be the best person to do it.  Pat beautifully portrayed Gord with every look, step and posture. At times we would talk about a particular scene wondering what Gord would do, and Patrick would always capture it.  I cherish the time we spent together making the video!

Muchas gracias a todos!  I’m forever thankful for the memories!


With love and respect,


Con mi buen amigo Roberto en la carpeta rosa.  Yo estoy a su izquierda. Jack Boland/Toronto Sun/Postmedia Network

Con mi buen amigo Roberto en la carpeta rosa.  Yo estoy a su izquierda. Jack Boland/Toronto Sun/Postmedia Network

In A World Possessed By The Human Mind

Music Video for the new Tragically Hip single from their upcoming album, ‘Man Machine Poem’. "In A World Possessed By The Human Mind" is the first single from the forthcoming album Man Machine Poem, available June 17, 2016. Check out www.thehip.com for album pre-order information.

www.facebook.com/theTragicallyHip www.twitter.com/thehipdotcom www.instagram.com/thetragicallyhip Producers: Nadia Gammal & Max Montalvo, Gabana Films Director & DOP: Max Montalvo, Gabana Films Copyright © 2016 The Tragically Hip under exclusive license to Universal Music Canada Inc.