'Land of Greed' - new music video, MIss Emily

A diverse group of people are gathered at 'Artaud’s Cafe', a venue for inspiration, self-indulgence, companionship, longing, love and fame.  The concept for the video was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s Le Café de nuit & René Magritte's  La trahison des images.  ‘Land of Greed’’ was shot at ‘The Grad Club’ in Kingston, Ontario. 

Thank you Emily, Deb, Rob R, Ben, ‘El Bigoton’, ‘El Tinieblas’, Christian, Rosalind, Bruce, Bree, Mac, Jude, Burgandy, Jordan, Shelby, Dan, Virg, Homer, Michael, Sarah, Blair, Scott, John, Will, Billy Ray, Erin, Gord, Jay, Adam, Fernando, Yabu, Aaron, Andew, Chris, and Al.  And special thanks to Nadia!